LGBTQ Counseling - Tampa, FL

LGBTQ+ Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Support and guidance are provided to children, teens, and adults who are navigating their coming out process and seeking comfort and confidence regarding their gender and sexual identity.


Therapy may include help to decrease gender dysphoria and working to increase coping skills to eliminate anxiety and depression while increasing self-esteem. Sessions may also focus on building, repairing, or strengthening social and familial relationships.

Transgender Services

I offer evaluations and referral letters for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS or SRS) for transgender individuals wishing to start their medical transition process. I proudly follow WPATH Standards of Care when working with transgender and non-binary clients. Because I believe that you are the expert on yourself and your gender identity, I do not require a certain number of sessions before providing a referral for HRT. I fully support your access to treatment and provide referrals to medical professionals once I have assessed that WPATH criteria have been met.

Creative Expression Art Group


In addition to individual sessions and HRT/ GCS Evaluations, I offer group counseling for LGBTQ+ teens in Tampa, FL. This group is an art focused group that helps increase self-esteem, coping and communication skills, as well as build healthy relationships. Click below for more information!

Location and Hours

Tampa Office:

(Located in the Apco Center Building)

120 State Street East

Suite 106

Oldsmar, FL 34677


Monday:       11am - 7pm

​​Tuesday:       11am - 7pm

Wednesday: 11am - 7pm

​Thursday:      11am - 7pm

Friday:           11am - 5pm

P: (727) 210-5674
F: (813) 433-5342
E-mail: ShannonKnightCounseling@gmail.com
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