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My Approach to Therapy

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Tampa, FL, Modern Counselor Inc is committed to helping individuals, couples, and families use the struggles that emerge throughout their lives to grow, heal, and achieve higher levels of functioning, fulfillment, and happiness.


Using compassion, understanding, and a healthy dose of humor, we provide a safe space for our clients to feel confident and supported as they move through the struggles that have blocked them from feeling happy and satisfied with themselves, their life, and their relationships.

How Shannon Works


My goal is to provide my clients with an exceptional level of care and confidentiality. By eliminating barriers to communication such as office staff or assistants, I am able to speak directly to potential clients who are wishing to begin therapy, and to current clients who may have questions, or need assistance in between sessions. 

My style is person-centered, relational, dynamic, supportive and affirming. Working from a person-centered approach, I believe we are constantly striving for and capable of fulfilling our own potential. I believe that you are the expert on yourself and that therapy is a catalyst for you to discover your personal and professional potential. I believe in looking at the whole person to cultivate real growth and to discover realistic solutions. While I am rooted in these fundamental approaches, I tailor each session and intervention(s) to each client's individual needs. 

Each day in my office, I feel privileged to see and experience my clients heal and grow. I take pride in walking alongside you, providing care and support as you navigate your journey towards empowerment, growth, and overall well-being. 

Getting Started


Finding a therapist who’s the right fit is the most important aspect of a successful therapeutic experience. If you are interested in working with me and would like to discuss whether we would be a good fit, please contact me for a free phone consultation.

Please keep in mind that as I’m the only person you interact with at my practice, when you call you may get my voicemail if I am in session with a client. However, I return calls often throughout the day and always within 24 - 48 hours of receiving a call. If you would prefer, you can also e-mail me to schedule a specific time for your initial phone consultation.


This is a vulnerable, yet exciting first step on your journey towards balance, happiness and fulfillment and I am so excited to work with you!

Call: (727) 210-5674
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